See the big picture

See the big picture...

  • Know where your business is heading for the next 90 days.
  • Forecast money in and money out (Australian companies: includes GST, Superannuation and PAYG)
but still see the details

...but still see the details

  • Stay in control of customer and suppliers payments.
  • Drill down to see each future transactions or invoice.

Rules not Restrictions

  • Flexible, precise and accurate, all without formulas.
  • Smart algorithms, using historical financials, can be customised to your business needs.
Easily Decide Who to Pay

Easily Decide Who to Pay

  • See who you need to pay, and how much cash is available.
  • Adjust invoices and immediately see the cash flow impact.
Auto Predict Customer Payments

Auto Predict Customer Payments

  • Customers not following due dates? Not sure when they'll pay?
  • Smart algorithms predict each invoice's payment date, which is applied to your Accounts Receivables.
Real Time Data, Impactful Decisions

Real Time Data, Impactful Decisions

  • Keep your forecast accurate and up-to-date with latest data from Xero.
  • Vistr auto syncs with Xero each day.