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Jeremy Kwong Law

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Bundling or splitting invoices to get paid faster

We are continuing to crunch the numbers on 300,000+ invoices to bring you insights to improve your cash flow. This time, we dive into the value of invoices issued vs time to get paid.

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Accountants are better at collecting money than you

So it’s true. Accountants do run a tight ship and manage their cash flow better.

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7 invoicing tips to collect cash faster

A key issue in managing your cash flow is getting paid by your customers as quickly as possible. Since most businesses don’t get paid upfront in cash and rely on issuing invoices to customers, it’s really important to speed up the time to get your invoices paid ASAP.

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3 step process to collect invoice payments faster

Do you have late paying customers? We found that 54% of all customer invoices are paid late. This is a major cash flow drain to your business. Stop playing bank to your customers and get paid faster with this 3 step process.

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The best day to invoice customers to get paid faster

Do you have an invoicing policy? What day do you send out invoices?

Do you offer trading terms? Increase your terms & get paid faster

Majority of businesses offer trading terms to their customers. This is especially true for B2B companies. We found that 81% of customers are offered trading terms by businesses.

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