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Case Study: Cornerstone Bookkeeping

Tim Hoopmann

Tim Hoopmann - Founder

Cornerstone Bookkeeping

“Using Vistr has helped my clients feel more in control of their cash flow, especially as their work is spread out over a few weeks or months”


Why Cornerstone Uses Vistr

Happy & engaged clients
Quick to add to our services
Deliver value-add to clients

As a cloud bookkeeper, we aim to provide simple advice to our clients that improves their business, and makes it easy for them to understand and implement.

Managing cash flow is stressful but a constant in business. So we use Vistr to give clients a clear picture of their cash flow in the next three months. They feel in control and get peace-of-mind to focus on their business.

Cash flow forecasting with Vistr requires minimal pre-meeting preparation. Vistr automatically syncs with Xero, so when we keep the books updated, we just login to Vistr at the client meeting.

The information is so easy to understand that we use it with our clients during meetings. It helps us further demonstrate value to our clients. They get really engaged with Vistr. We even give them access to their Vistr account. It's great to see that they check the cash flow every week, and put our advice into practice.

Digital Agency Client

My client is a fast growing digital agency that designs and builds websites for some of Australia's best-known companies. Their work is project based, cash flow is lumpy, and large companies tend to be late payers.

Managing cash flow is a challenge for them, frequently they feel like they are not in control. We helped them by offering cash flow forecasting with Vistr.

The Client Raved About Vistr

Feeling in control about the future
In control to pay monthly directors superannuation
Motivated to chase overdue customers

Why Vistr Works So Well For The Client

  • Quick and easy to set up: it took minutes to setup Vistr using their simple integration with Xero.
  • Immediate value for the client: the client immediately understood Vistr's forecast - seeing the money-in & money-out in the next three months.
  • Customised to their needs: we helped them customised the forecast to track IT costs, payroll and contractors so they could easily see the big capital spend in the next 3 months.
  • See the ATO obligation ahead: get visibility of the next GST, PAYG and Superannuation payment helped them plan ahead - knowing when and how much to pay.
  • Matching money-in & money out: no more guess work to see when customers are likely to pay their invoices. Seeing the mismatch between money-in & money-out (especially payroll weeks) really motivated them to chase debtors.
  • Peace of mind to move forward & grow: gaining control and visibility gave them comfort to plan ahead. They now plan their cash use and started paying monthly directors superannuation.